When I "Select Shared Source" it says "No storage present"

I have a laptop with Vista connected to a Linksys router which is wired to my LiveHub.  From Explorer I can see the LiveHub with it’s own drive letter and I’m able to transfer files to it.  Now I’ve filled it up and want bought a 3TB WD external drive which I want to keep connected to my laptop.  I want to run most of my movies off of the external hardrive via the the LiveHub.

However, my LiveHub doesn’t see my laptop or the external drive.  I setup sharing for the external drive but when I go to “Select Shared Source” on my LiveHub it says “No Storage Present” and doesn’t give me any options.

Any advice for a novice network guy?

P.S. I tried it with and without my Windows Firewall on and it didn’t make a difference.

So does it see your PC at all, or does it just say there’s nothing ON the PC?

I’m not sure where else I would see my PC through the hub except when selecting a shared folder to access via the menu I outlined in my post.  If there’s another way to see if my Hub sees my PC I’ll be happy to check.  When I go into the menu to select the shared source that I want the LiveHub to access it gives me a red X and says “No Storage Present” and gives no other option except to go back.

When I have it check the network connection it says it’s fine and can access the internet.  I can see the LiveHub from my PC’s Windows Explorer folder and have transfered many files to it.  Now it’s filling up and I bought a new 3TB USB drive to start filling but if it can’t access it from the LiveHub I’ve got a problem.  I don’t want to have to move the external drive back and forth from my PC and the LiveHub.

Any trouble shooting advice is greatly appreciated.

My router is a Linksys E2000 for whatever it’s worth.

Make sure the WORKGROUP names match exactly on both the PC and the Hub.