When I connect My Passport to the PC it doesn't load

MyPassport 500g

I plug it in and it powers up, light goes on and can hear it funtioning.  However on My Computer it comes up as just D Drive instead of My Passport which it used to and when I click it, nothing loads and it just freezes.  Is there a way to fix this or is my passport broken?  I havn’t even had it that long.

Hi, try using the USB cable that came with the passport and connect it direct to the computer and use DLG to test the passport.


^^ Ok I did that and I passed both the quic tests and the indepth test.  Still isn’t working though, this is good so maybe it works?  It still doesn’t load when I plug it in.  I still only see it as D Drive and doesn’t let me access anything in the hardrive, it just freezes up

do you need the drive to work or do you need data thats on there?

if you need your drive to work, then sent it in for RMA if its only been a year.

if you need data on there, you can try and do 2 things.

  1. download good software like R-studio in demo version, and try to scan the drive.

  2. if it still hangs, in that same software you can select an option to image your drive and ignore bad sectors by skipping them. create image file onto another hard drive (this may take a while). Once the image file is created - scan it with same software. If it lets you image it and skip bad sectors you should be able to get your info back.