When does box refresh after deleting files?

I deleted a few movies from my external HD connected to the WD TV Live Hub (I access the drive over the network from my MacBook Pro).

When I then browsed my movies on the WD TV Live, I noticed the ones I deleted still showed up in my library.  I tried doing a Device Restart, but STILL they show up.  I don’t want to Clear Library Data, as I have quite a few TV shows/Movies that I manually had to scan to get the correct info, and I don’t want to have to do them all again every time I delete a movie.

pull up the options for that hard drive and rescan this should remove them. Clearing media library will not remove your movie info or thumbs it will just remove the media then rescan it. the first mentioned will do this without clearing though

Rescan didn’t work, I still have movies showing that I’ve physically deleted from drive.

Did you rescan through the options menu?

Clear Media Library

How do you do that? I see no rescan option in the menus?

Check manual for  Clear Media Library, page 30, 159

Yes, I know about Clear Library, I was meaning I see no option to Rescan in the option menus.

Did you select folder or file?

I didn’t select anything, I was browsing through the box’s option menus.

You browse to the folder in which you made the updates.   Then press OPTIONS and select RESCAN.

If you’re not seeing RESCAN, then you’re not using the Media Library.

Sorry, in that case, yes, that’s what I done, I selected my drive, then chose  “Rescan”.  I also tried selecting my Movies folder only and choosing “Rescan”.  Neither worked.

Ok. do a simple cross-check.

Navigate to one of the movies and try to play it.  What happens?

Doing a “Clear Media Library” fixed it.  Bit of a pain though if I have to do that every time I remove a movie.

You shouldn’t have to I have deleted many files and just done a rescan and they are gone.