When Does Automatic "Get Content Info" Process?

I’ve set up a bunch of TV shows with the proper naming format and the Get Content Info feature is working wonderfully. However, I have a bunch of videos and manually updating each file one-by-one is tedious to say the least. So, I’ve two questions: 1) Is there a way to manually run Get Content Info on a directory or series of videos? 2) if I have the device set to automatically get content info from the Settings menu, when exactly does it do that? Does it start doing that the moment I put it in to standby? If I turn it on before it completes, will it resume the next time I put it in to standby? Does it instead do it on some fixed schedule?

1- No, as far as I know, it is not possible to do this.

2- Automatically get info, will scan you media library and look for the metadata, now, depending of the naming of your files, it might not find any data or it might assign wrong metadata. I can say that is accurate, as long as you have the right naming.

  1.   Yes.    Turn Content Info to AUTOMATIC.   Then go to the containing FOLDER, hit OPTIONS, and select RESCAN.   Turn Content Info back to MANUAL ONLY if desired.


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Well, I have a few weird behaviors, then. For the HBO series, Rome, it correctly pulls the episode titles for each episode automatically but won’t automatically pull the rest of the metadata including thumbs and backdrops. I have to manually get content info for each episode for it to do that.

Also, for some shows it won’t pull any content info at all automatically. However, if I manually get content info for a single file, there will be only one result from the search (the correct result) and it will pull the metadata as expected.

Is this a known issue or am I missing something? All of these files are TV episodes and they are named as “Show Name.SxxEyy.ext” where xx and yy are season and episode numbers, respectively.