When attaching any usb storage mypassport glitches

When I attach any other usb storage to computer my passport starts to glitch. It unplugs and replugs itself time to time, giving errors while copying files to it.

Works fine if other storage is removed and MyPassport recnnected.

Tested with various storage including older  MyPassport version and flash drives.

Make sure that the micro cable isn’t too loose.  If it keeps doing that you could corrupt your files on that drive.  Since there’s been no replies, maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.  Maybe they can help you with a cable.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The disc or cable is not touched nor vibrates while plugging other device (ports are separate) plus I connect disc rarely and really accurately, since it’s a backup storage.

And the glitch happens stable every time when other storage is connected. So it’s not the cable, but rather something with drivers (I’m not using SES etc. drivers. Might it be the case?).

Are you using two of the exact same drives?

I can plug anything (flash drives, my older non-SE mypassport) that is recognized as mass storage and it causes the drive to glitch.

While that other storage works fine, mypassport fails to recieve anything before the other storage is disconnected.

I’ve passed this along for help.

It does somewhat like a driver issue or a conflict with the system resources. If the drive is plugged into another system does it have the same issue? If not, then it appears to be specific to your system and not the drive. I would make sure that you have all of the latest Windows updates and all driver updates from your computer manufacturer. They may have updates for the chipset and other hardware that may help with the issue.

If you are using a SmartWare based drive I would recommend installing the SES Drivers that are included on the Virtual CD.

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