Wheel freezes


I just bought a WD TV LIVE a couple of Weekes ago and I was a happy user for a couple of days. But now it gets the freezing spinning wheel every time I try to watch a movie from it (I stream from my NAS). It helps if I reboot the system but that it is pretty ironing to start up the WD and then reboot for making it work. Now the wheel starts to appear after I have watch a move, so if I want to watch and other one, I have to reboot it again :S

I can see the same problem was in some of the older machines, and I have tried to fix it the problem with some of the advice, but nothing seems to help.

Any good advice?

Try to reset the router the next time the problem happens. If that doesn’t help, press the reset button on the bottom side of the WDTV for 1 second.