Whats wrong with my passport essential 3.0

im a bit frustrated about my WD my passport essential 3.0 ext. HD. a month or so, it was just working fine with my windows 7. then one time when i needed some files from it, when i plugged…it says installing the drive( which is very weird since i have been using it frequently and i know that it was already installed)…i noticed that it took more than 5mins and its not yet finish installing…so i looked at its status…and it failed searching and installing the driver…and i always get stuck at that. every time i replug my HD, still getting the same stuff over and over again. but 1 time when i opened WD smart ware, it did recognize my passport but it requires password to unlock which i dont remember putting password in the first place. its getting frustating more. ive tried updating smartware…firmware…but still no luck… i decided to format my my passport just so i can use it again…so i ran WDquickformatter.exe located in the installation folder…but after i waited for few minutes, it says formatting failed…tried it a couple times more, and still it failed. i dont know what to do anymore…please someone help me…

Hi there!!

First thing I would do, would be to change the cable. That Passport takes regular USB 3.0 cables as well as Micro USB 2.0 cables, and then I’d try to reinstall the drivers on the device manager.

Good luck!

ok, il get new usb cable tom. but still hoping to find solution now…

thanks btw