What's the right FW and Theme for my purpose? (Moviesheets)

Hi guys,

I own the Live Hub with 3.00.28 atm and all I used it for so far is to watch 1080p movies with covers (folder.jpg). Now I found this forum and the info about thumbgen and movie sheets. :slight_smile: Unfortunately these are not working with my fw right?

I would have to rollback to 2.xx right?

Today I ordered a wifi USB stick in order to try the online services like YouTube. I was also planning to buy a powered USB hub to connect more HDD. In the latest firmware’s changelog there was the support mentioned and I hope it also works with fw 2.xx as long as it is a powered hub?

So what firmware will I have to roll back to in order to use thumbgen with osdmod templates? :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

Regards, MaKin

All the Themes provided by Authors (Including Myself)  provide Information on their thread topic  (Usually on Page1 )

about Which Device and Which Firmware the Theme was Designed for.

No offence, but try reading a little harder.

Thanks for your reply but I’ve been reading a lot and it’s not always clear. For example there are great themes with the note “no support for latest fw 3.xx.” but then there are still users telling that it works?


Will this one for example work?

Basically there is no ultimate answer for that comes on a silver platter, the period of time you are waiting for an answer you could be proactive, download the popular themes and see which one works best for you, all themes come with Demo folder and you can’t do anything wrong or break something.

All movie sheets will work, the design has nothing to do with the functionality the only thing that matter is if they match the design and if the movie sheet has hardcoded info on the image file or not, for hardcoded movie info your selection of movie sheets narrows down to pretty much to one or two themes. In your example like with the “SuckMuch” Movie the first image is hardcoded and the second image lets the hub display the info on top of the sheet.

Now go ahead, download a couple of themes, upload the demo folders and see which one floats your boat.

The one you linked to will not work, that’s for the Wdtv live…totally different beast than the hub.