Whats the point of backup when certain files are forgotten?

Just had a very lucky escape.

Bought a new My Passport Essential SE as my previous hard drive is on the way out.

Read theres a back up option so i backed up both my hard drive and laptop as i was wiping my laptop clean

Anyway after everythings backed up i wipe my laptop clean and start to transfer all my files back onto my laptop only to find certain files from programs i use are missing.

Not happy at all with this and i would be alot more annoyed had i lost things like 3 years worth of photos travelling around the world and 200GB worth of movies.

It wouldnt be so bad but im not even sure what files were not backed up and whether i have actually lost anything.

I had initially recommended the hard drive to to work mates but will be telling tomorrow forget buying it

I take it you used the Smartware. It’s quirky and only backs up certain file types. I only used it once and uninstalled it.


yes i did.

was unaware i was going to have any problems with it. especially when you pay good money for a product that should be fully functional.

guess i just have to hope ive not lost anything and instead just copy and paste to the hard drive,presuming that works ok

Smartware is really a simple backup software that can be used. Here is a list of compatible files that smartware backsup.

My Sugesstion is if you have a file that is not on the list convert them to a compatible format.

Keep in mind also that it does not back up system files.

I also had this problem.  I decided to upgrade my laptop to windows 7 from windows vista and needed to wipe my hard drive of all my personal files like pictures, videos, documents, etc.  Before I did the upgrade, I bought a 500GB My Passport External Drive and used the Smartware software to backup all my files.  After doing that…I assumed all my files had been backed up to that drive.  After that, I installed the new windows 7 and ran the Smartware software to retrieve all my old files.  Problem was…most of my pix and videos were missing!  I am outraged to find out that missing pix of things like funerals of family and lots of memories have been lost!  I thought there might be at least an explanation as to why those files are missing and were not backed up with Smartware’s backup software.  I’ve looked everywhere on that hard drive and don’t see the pix/videos I’m missing.  Anyone have any advice on how to solve this problem so it either doesn’t happen again or maybe how to find those files?