What's the path to the data when reading a drive taken out of the enclosure?

Worked with WD support and decided the drive inside my device is faulty. So I’ve taken it out of the enclosure and am trying to read it to see what data can be recovered.

Currently got it in a NextStar hard drive dock and connected to a Win 10 PC. DiskInternals Linux Reader is able to see it and there doesn’t appear to be any problem - except for navigating to find where the data is. Anyone know the path to the data, to save me a couple of hours looking into each folder?

Partition 4 on Gen1/v4 firmware
Partition 2 on Gen2/v2 firmware (IIRC)

Look for the biggest partition…


Turns out it’s /CacheVolume\shares\Public\

But there’s something very strange with the data - all the files are there, the file tree is correct, and the files have the correct size, but some of them are empty. That is to say if you look at them with a hex editor every byte is zero.