What's the operating system that runs WD players?

What’s the operating system that runs on WD players? Linux? Android? Or WD’s own creation?

Linux … With WD proprietary code (and encryption) and GPL Code which WD make available for download under GNU General Public License.

Thanks, JoeySmyth.

I ask the question because I have two old WD players - a Live TV and a Streaming model.

Both can see my Windows network and play media from my main PC without hesitation or glitch.

While a brand new Vero 4K box will not.(And believe me, I’ve tried everything :frowning: )

So I wanted to establish if their respective operating systems are very different, or quite similar.

Seems they share more similarities than differences.

I don’t think operating systems have anything to do with why the WD’s work on your network and the Vero 4K box does not. (Vero 4K box is running Debian Linux FYI) … it’s a Network Setting/Config problem, not an OS problem.

It’s probably because the WD TV’s (and your Windows) are still using SMB1 (which is a security issue)

And the Vero 4K has been patched for the Wannacry security issue … and is running SMB2 and/or SMB3

Okay, I hear where you’re coming from - I’ve been asking questions all around the net for the last several months, about the SMB protocol and have yet to find someone who knows the entire story.

(I guess there’s an MS supergeek somewhere who fully understands the process and its history, but they don’t talk to ordinary mortals).

Your comment about SMB1 is the first that’s made sense, so thanks for that.

Incidentally, even OSMC’s founder\owner seems to have limited knowledge about how his box works, and he’s never once suggested that specific incompatibility.

So, assuming that the Vero and W7 will only talk to each other via SMB2 or SMB3, how do I make that possible?

As far as I know, all of the three SMB protocols are present in W7, except that SMB1 was possibly disabled last year by a MS hotfix.

Edit: Maybe SMB1 is still active in my W7 Ult64bit? If that’s the protocol that the WD devices use to talk to W7.

What i would try as a test … (assuming you’re running a latest version of Kodi on the Vero 4K box) is to change the SMB Protocol settings in Kodi (default is Minimum is SMB2 and Maximum is SMB3) so, change Minimum to SMB1 and reboot, and see if it works.

from the Kodi homescreen … Programs > OSMC Configuration > Services

example pic (i’m running CoreELEC (Kodi 18) on a 4K S905X Amlogic Android box)

Thanks, JoeySmyth - I’ll try that.

JoeySmyth: I tried your suggestion but couldn’t find an entry point that looked like your pic.

BTW, the KODI version on my Vero 4K box appears to be 17…something. I can’t see the whole number because I can’t get the display to fit onto my old Sony Bravia screen (this is another issue with the Vero)

AFAIK, the OSMC software keeps itself updated, but apparently doesn’t include KODI updates :frowning:

What are the chances I could dump the entire OSMC system and install only KODI?

can’t really offer anymore advice since i don’t use either a Vero 4K or OSMC

All my Raspberry Pi’s and Amlogic S905X Boxes running various distros … eg. OpenELEC, LibreELEC and CoreELEC can all access network shares from my PC and NAS without issues.

JoeySmyth, thanks again, I’ll talk to the KODI people about ‘rooting’ the Vero to dump OSMC.

Meantime, I want to reload the firmware on my WD media players. I’ve already used your excellent tutorial on how to reload 2.01.86 on my Gen3 TV Live Streaming player (WDBGXT0000NBK) and that worked fine.

Now I’d like to do the same operation on a slightly dysfunctional TV Live Gen2 player (WDBAAP0000NBK), running firmware 1.06.43.

I’m assuming that the FW version is ok, so if I can reload it, then reset to defaults, I’m hoping the player will work properly again.


My WD TV MediaPlayer is still running strong in 2021.
The OS is Linux?
It used to have Netflix as an app in the movie service section…

This is going to sound naive…
If it exists…
Has anyone managed to get an app from Netflix to run off a USB Key?
I’d also like to see if I could get a Movie Player to run the newer formats like MKV’s etc. that does not currently work.

Linux with portions of GPL Source Code … the rest Propriety WD Code.

Netflix requires Encrypted Licence Keys at a Firmware level.

Simple answer: No

All WDTV Media Players will play MKV files which is not a “New” format / file container

It’s the Video/Audio codecs inside the container that the WDTV Media Player’s Hardware decoder must support.

WDTV Media Player supports MKV with H.264 / AVC Video Codec

WDTV do not, and never will support MKV with H.265 / HEVC Video Codec

For 2 Reasons:

  1. WDTV uses Hardware Decoding which is built into the Video Decoding Chip … you can’t “add” a video codec Chip that was never designed to support decoding it.

  2. H.265 / HEVC Video Decoding requires Higher Processing power to decode … at least Quad Core Processing

WDTV Media Players use Single Core processors

Bottom Line … if you want Netflix, you’ll need a device that supports it.

Android Boxes / Game Consoles (PS3,PS4,PS5,XBOX etc) / Chromecast / Smart TV etc etc

WOW! I wasn’t expecting and answer let alone one so quick!

Awesome answer, thank you Joey, I will stop wasting time on it.
I’m just too used to my WDTV… I’ll have to use it till I get an alternative then let it go…

I’ll hit up my son for an old PS3,PS4,PS5,XBOX for the spare tele…

Have a good day Buddy!

I understand.

I was using WDTV Media Players for years since the Gen 1 versions.

But well before that i used to use XMBC on an old Original XBOX

Always found the XMBC Interface and features far superior to WD’s (Even created a few Themes to replicate the look and feel)

Anyways, sold all my WDTV’s and have been using Raspberrry Pi’s now for years now with Kodi (formerly XBMC) they do everything the WDTV’s do … but better, faster, with a lot more features.

My Raspberry Pi 4 … supports H.265/HEVC and 4K Video as well :slight_smile:

And, yes they still receive support and updates regularly.

PS3’s sell for cheap 2nd Hand … i’ve bought a few for $50, $25 and as low as $10 (disc drive won’t read games, but it can still be used for Netflix, Youtube etc.)

I will stress though, the PlayStations don’t decode H.265/HEVC playback for local files and PS3 will only output 1080p whereas the PS4 and PS5 will do 4K