What's the fastest transfer speed I can expect?

Ok so I bought a MyCloud last week and am really happy with it, few teething problems but all ironed out now.

My laptop is fairly basic and doesn’t have a gigabit ethernet port (it has 10/100), so what’s the fastest “real” transfer speed I can expect?

At the minute I’m getting around 10-11 MB/s with the drive connected to my router and my laptop connected to the router. I’m guessing this is the fastest I’m going to get unless I upgrade to a laptop with gigabit ethernet?

This is about right. With Ethernet wired connections, there is very little overhead, so 100Mb/s translates to about 1/8 of this number when converting in MB/s (12.5MB/s max).

With Gigabit Ethernet, the network bandwith is not the limiting factor any longer, but the performance of the NAS itself, and to a lesser extent, of your computer. Some users have seen 80MB/s at the top of the range. If you get half of this, that is already plenty…