Whats the difference?

Whats the difference between the Sharespace and the My Book World besides the 4 drives vs 1 or 2?

Overall they’re the same product, other then the number drive you can add. The Sharespace can go up to 8TB with 4 drives where the My Book World can go to 4TB with 2 drives. Also the Sharespace was design with business in mind.

I’ve got a ShareSpace so I took a look at the WorldBook II doco - and it appears that apart from the lack of additional RAID options that the WBook can’t utilities a UPS.

Also of note is that the Twonky Media Server appears to be at version 5 rather than the version 4 on the ShareSpace.

I haven’t checked my ShareSpace but I don’t believe that it has the Ctorrent bittorrent download capability that the WorldBook appears to have. If the ShareSpace hasn’t got it - then I’ll be putting that in as a feature request!

I believe the WorldBook II has only one USB port for external devices, where as the ShareSpace has three

I can’t find any reference to processing power, memory or internal interfaces to determine if one unit is more “powerful” than the other - I wouldn’t;t make the assumption that the ShareSpace is more powerful although I hope it would be as it is targeted at larger SOHO / SMB customers.

Hope that helps? It would be great if a knowledgeable WDC ShareSpace expert could chime in!



The Main Diffrence Between Products On this link+


And to know more about the Raid


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Is the MediaServer an older version in ShareSpace than in MyBook?

What I can read, is that ShareSpace is more “HighEnd” then MyBook.

Is there any lack of features in the older version of TwonkyMediaServer, or is it upgradeble?