What's the difference?

Hey all … Is there any difference between these 2 drives or are they the exact drives ?

Is there any difference between WD hard drives WD3200BEKT-RTL and WD3200BEKT 

What does RTL mean ?

It would be really nice if someone from WD can answer this if they look at these forums, do they ? If not, what do you guys think ? thanks

Hi have a look here. http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1352/~/difference-between-wd-oem-vs.-retail-(rtl)-drives . What it comes down to is there are OEM just a bare drive then there is the RTL retail kit and you may get some mounting brackets.There are 2 types of OEM drive one is branded like one from a HP pc good for one year warranty from HP. Unbranded would have the same warranty as the RTL.   

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Hi … So you are saying RTL is retail ?

Yes RTL is retail and if I read the PDF file it also tells us that.

Okay, thank you ! … I guess no one ever views these threads from WD ? Strange since I believe it is their forum site ?