What's the difference ......(Wi-Fi adapters)

…between BELKIN wi-fi adapter F5D8051 ,F5D8055 and F5D8053???

F5D8051: Works

F5D8055: Works

F5D8053: Doesn’t Work.

Maybe the chipsets.

That would make sense but I don’t think they have different chipsets, after spending some time Googling… they all seem to use the Ralink RT2870 chipset.  They’re all Draft-N spec, all seem to do exactly the same thing (same bandwidth, same frequencies).

Have you actually tried a Belkin F5D8053 and confirmed that it does not work?  The supported hardware list on the WD website isn’t complete.

On the plus side, I was about to blow $40 on a switch to share a wireless AP with my xbox and WDTV Live but, after seeing the pics, realised I actually own a Belkin F5D8051 usb adapter! :smiley:  Tried it out and it works great, even better signal strength than the Linksys AP.

belkin F5D8053  DOES WORK!!!

I have this running now streaming hulu from Playon App. via dual band netgear router.  My network security is usually very finicky, however this was so easy to get working I have created my account just to respond to you about this particular device.  i bought it and then saw your thread and was very discouraged, but since i had already made my purchase, I took the time to open the box, plug it in to my wdtv live, and voila! This is probably the easiest networking expeience I have ever had.