What's the difference between WD Black 4 TB and WD Black 4 TB?


I am looking at the spec table right now for WD Black drives. I want the 4 TB model.

I think Windows 10 may have screwed up my WD Red 4 TB. That’s why I’m looking at WD Black now as a replacement. It did some funny “repairing” at the end of the upgrade process from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

I will test my WD Red 4 TB on Windows 7 shortly and then Linux. But I also want a replacement ready at hand.

Can someone tell me what the difference is between WD4001FAEX and WD4003FZEX? Are they different revisions? Different firmware? Which is which? Which one is better?


According to the specifications of both drives they are the same.

The WD4003FZEX is the latest version

As a recommendation, try reaching out to support to see if they have more specific information about the firmware.

I am still waiting for a reply from WD support on my first request I sent two days ago. I have sent them email before and they never seem to reply. I’m starting to think they don’t like me… :cry:

Maybe they have a year’s worth of emails to go through or something. :slightly_smiling: But I would expect an answer within 48 hours from any big tech company. I will wait some more… I’m used to it now.

So I will not bother them with this question until I get an answer to the first one. We’ll see if they answer.

Anyway! Where does one go to figure out what firmware version a particular drive model is using? Are there any listings of these things? For instance, if I type in my model number into some web form, can I get a download link for the latest firmware so I can download it? Does WD post their firmwares freely, in the open, for easy unhindered download? Or are they only available on a need-to-have basis?.. basically when a drive model is known to crash unless the firmware is updated.

How old are these FZEX models? I can’t find them in any local store or any web store.