What's the consensus on maintaining constant connection all day, or quickly reconnect?

I mentioned issue before and while not all the time, I do experience periods of the drive not being accessible through my windows explorer. Using the app (desktop and mobile) always works fine, but accessing it through explorer consistently is an issue. This is a problem because my music and photo library have been moved to the my cloud.
Everything is set correctly, reconnect on login is checked on all mapped drives, what more can I do to ensure the connection is maintained?

The device is on DCHP if that makes a difference (although address hasn’t changed in weeks).
Using Windows 8 and Windows 10

Sometimes not all network devices show up or disappear from Win File Explorer from time to time. When this happens, I need to refresh the screen by clicking on Network in left pane of FE and clicking on refresh button near top of window. then they all reappear again. Have you tried doing this?

Yeah, several times. Sometimes works but not lately.