Whats the best tool for me for creating metadata

Dear guys,

I love the Hub and normaly I get my metadata through the ‘get content info’ button. But there is a problem, that this function always gets the english cover, but the metadata is in german as wanted. When changing the cover afterwards it doesn’t work or I need to reset a cache. So I decided to better make the whole metadata once by myself. Heres my question: what is the best tool for this purpose?

Here is what I want to have:

* Create the XML-File with the metadata (with editing-function e.g. for the genre)

* Selecting the best cover manually (best in high resolution, not 200 * 300. What is the maximun resolution?)

* Save all Covers AND Backdrops locally in the same folder as the movie, so that there is no need for an internet connection.

Is there an tool to do all this? I tried thumbgen but I don’t think that it fits my whishes, because the covers are in small resolution and there are links to online-pictures in the xml instead of saving them locally.

Thanks for any help in advance,


Actually Thumbgen does everything that you need it to.

You say that it saves the coverart to small, but that is because of your settings.  You can actually make it generate the cover to any size you want or generate it the actual size of the cover (which most are 1000X1500). 

Look under Options / Export Images, then tick the checkbox next to “Export cover to” and type in the box “$M$N”, then tick the check box next to “Preserve Aspect Ratio”.  If you want to resize it then you just tick the checkbox next to “Resize to” and input you dimensions, then under “Maximum Filesize”  tick “No limit” (there is no limit that I’m aware of).

Then go to the General tab and under “Generate” untick the checkbox next to “Thumbnail” (if it’s ticked).

You can also edit the metadata (just remember to click the green arrow before you generate) and it stores the moviesheet/backdrop in the same folder.

It’s not that “it doesn’t fit your wishes”, rather it appears that you have not set the options correclty in Thumbgen to make it generate what you want.

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Hello Tinwarble,

thank you very much for your help. What about the backdrops? Can I tell thumbgen to automatically download them into a hidden folder. And if it does so is it necessary to edit the xml-file afterwards? I would like to have al media-info stored localy, so that there is no need to go online.



That I’m not sure about that since I have never attempted to do it.

However, you can make it generate up to 4 backdrops and have them generate to any folder you want by using the same method as I described for the coverart.

Just tick to select the Backdrop, Fanart 1, Fanart 2 and Fanart 3, then before you generate, select the images you want (by clicking on the F1, F2 & F3 buttons under the images, the backdrop will be the same as the moviesheet template).

You just have to make sure you add the destination, something like “$M.hidden\backdrop”.  Then in the dropbox under “Movie Info” in Options select “Store links to local image files (the ) settings will be used” which will add the paths to those image to the xml.