What's the best hd media player out there?

I have a WD HD Media Player.  It’s not the one that hooks into my network, I just hook it via hdmi to my hd tv, and play movies.  I love that it can do this, but I’ve been a bit dissappointed with the player in general.  The interface is clunky and slow, and lately I’ve had reall problems with it recognizing my 1tb WD hard drive that’s formatted in Fat32.

There must be other players that are comparable.   Anyone have any comparisons?

If this is a possibility (this is what I did with mine), try formatting your HDD to NTSC. I find the remote feels clunky. However, for the cost, I find the player does what it should. I looked into the Boxee Box before I bought this, but with the much higher cost and the interface issues mentioned, I stuck with this. You can always looking the Asus O!Play. The higher-rated alternatives tended to be more expensive (Popcorn Hour models) or custom boxes. Give it a few years and I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see descent media players will probably come built into many large HDD’s (I know there are some network/media ones already on the market, like the WD Live TV Hub). It seems like such a simple thing to have, especially with the growing interest in media players in the last few years and the need for people to buy HDD’s.


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baconcow wrote:

If this is a possibility (this is what I did with mine), try formatting your HDD to NTSC…

I think you mean’t to say NTFS.  :wink: