What's offered by those firmwares? all of them if poss

Hi all,

I am at 1.06.43 stage of WDTV live and I have been trying to find a list of what is actually offered by each firmware.  I am not really interested about what WD has fixed because they don’t seem to be able to.

I say this because 1.06.43 has left my unit in a worse state that 1.06.34 at least in that version I could access my NAS and Network shares and Media Servers and other stuff.  Now I can’t and before I rollback again (presently on 1.06.41v - terrible) I would like to know what each firmware offers in the way of Internet Media, Games, Network equipments supported, formats playable (Audio, Photo, Video) and where HD is allowed.  I am not interested in what each firmware has fixed because I don’t Know where / what its start base was.

I you require anymore clarification and can help drop off a note.



It’s in the release notes.