What's a good speed?

So after having router problems (which apparently may have been caused by my MBL Duo )  I’ve tried to get this thing working.  I have the 6TB version and it’s hooked up to an ethernet wireless router.  

When I start to copy files from my MacbookPro to the MyBookLive Duo (basement to second floor of my house) the files are transfering at about 4 MB/s to 6MB/s.  This seems like it may be the best I can do.  Is this a good connection speed?  Average?

I know that moving closer to the router or the HDD will speed it up, but I want to know by how much!

What’s everybody else’s speed on this bad boy?  Thanks!

Seems to be slow 

do you have a gigabit router?

ive got the same problem although I have x2 LiveBook Duo a 4TB & 6TB, these are both 2M away from a Gigabit switch, and I am trying to transfer files from 1 folder on the WD 6TB to a different folder on the same NAS and I am getting 2MB I can not understand why.

The File itself is 2GB could this be a reason?

Try reading the WebDAV FAQ:


Copying files from one folder to another on the SAME share should be very fast.