Whatn is the most stable firmware version?

Hi All,

With all this talk about what is wrong with the current firmware version I would like to know what poeple thsink is the most stable working version


The latest version 1.04.17

But 1.04.17 is not the latest version ?

Are you saying not to upgrade to 1.04.18 and that 1.04.17 is relativelty stable ?

Looking through these forums it seems tio has not been stable since about 1.04.10 or even before

If you have wdtv live (not plus version) imho most stable and fast 1.02.21.

For now i’am on 1.04.17, i love weather plugin and flickr, that allow slide show while my music collection plays.

If I were you, I would try the latest version of the firmware first (1.04.18). Some people have no problems with that version. If it works for you, then you will have the latest version.

If you experience some of the known problems with the latest version, such as VOB stuttering, mkv stuttering, or your wireless adapter not working, then downgrade to version 1.03.49 which works well for most of us. Personally, I am using 1.03.49 because of VOB stuttering issues and the no sound with Netflix problem.