Whatcha think

Just got a 750GB Se before I read some of these reviews, made bigger mistakes than this.  This one must have been a return, completely empty.  I want to use this, not only to back up files, but to copy and access files on several other sytstems, and operating systems.  Should I download the software intended for this device or just use it as is, and pretend it’s just one huge thumb drive?

Which model name? The Elements are blank drives. Unless you want the password protection or Smartware I wouldn’t bother for your needs. If you are tlking about using on windows and Mac there will be a format issue.


This is a My Passport Essentials ES.  No Macs involved, buy my Notebook has XP pro and will be traveling between Vista Business, Server 2003, and Win 7.  I can keep secure files on password protected thumb drive.  Just didn’t want to miss out on something especially cool.  Thanks.