What works for me

I just bought the WD TV Live and after a few tweaks I’m quite happy with it.  Here’s what I did/didn’t do:

-I will not update the firmware until the MP4 audio sync solution is fixed.  With my factory firmware, MP4s play just fine.

-I turned off “Share WDTV on your network” to fix the problem of the network dropping every few minutes.  

-I changed the extension of my M4V files to MP4 so that fast-forwarding works.  Strange fix, but it works.

I haven’t really played around with YouTube videos so I’m not sure if there are any problems there - that’s not really why I bought this unit.  For playback of videos from my PC, this device now works GREAT!

Thanks to all on this forum who provided helpful tips!

that’s awesome.  glad to hear it.  I’m waiting also.