What will work s in

hi guys been reading a lot on the wd tv live and was thinking of getting one , thing is i would like to know what i would get to work on it in ireland ???(apps) netflix and what else please

thanks for your time guys

If you mean to buy the latest Live Streaming player then go to:


Click ‘Online Services’ at the top under the big WD TV Live heading and then use the drop down box on the right labeled Region/Country:  to select EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). You will then services that you should be able to get. I’m not sure about iPlayer as it may depend on what part of Ireland you live.

thanks for your time and help went and got me a player to play around with can i ask is there a way to scrap for art work on a nas ???  also is there away to get some of the us apps and  Spotify  to work ??? read some where you can do it but cant find it