What will WD SmartWare do when I edit the backed up files inside the portable drive?

I want to know that if I have backed up some files to WD My Passport Ultra using WD SmartWare, and then I change the name of a file or folder, or add some text inside a word file, or do any other kind of addition, subtraction, or modification in my files inside the portable drive,  what exactly will SmartWare do in reaction, and how will the file retrieval be affected?

To be particular, I am worried that WD SmartWare might reject file retrieval if I modify the files (e.g. change in file or folder name, or content, or folder organization, etc).

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The update of the files needs to be done on the computer not the drive.

Altering the files inside the backup folder will just cause a corrupted backup.