What will reset button do

I am wondering what will happen exactly when I long press the reset button.  Will it delete the contants on my hard drive?  Is there any way I can reset the box with out erasing data.   The problem is that I need to change the resolution settings but I am unable to do so do to the fact that I can not see the menus.  I can see the WD logo in the begining but then my TV tells me that the video is not compatible and I need to change the resolution.  Any help will be great thanks.

I reset mine the other day after it kept freezing at boot up and it didn’t delete any of my media. All my settings dissapeared back to factory defaults but my data was intact. Else someone with a hub could walk you through the remote keystrokes needed to change resolution.

tech support will confirm that re-setting does not erase any of your files.

A long press of the reset button (10sec) changes the TV standard from PAL to NTSC or vice versa. A short press resets to factory defaults without wiping any data. You must have the hub fully booted up for it to work. If your TV does not show a picture via HDMI then the best thing to do is connect via a composite cable and attempt to set the HDMI resolution manually to something your TV can display.