What Will Happen When Additional Drives Added?


I apologize in advance if this question has been answered in another post, but I currently have 2x2TB of storage in RAID 1 by default and am in the process of adding an additonal 2TB drive for 4TB total in a RAID 5 configuration.

Should I go through the trouble of backing up this 2TB of data before expanding to RAID 5 or should I hope and pray that it automagically goes smoothly?

Any advice or personal experience with this would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

The Sentinel uses (and only accepts) WD RE4 drives which have RAID-specific read error timeout values. This means that you stand much less of a chance of the RAID migration going poorly when moving to RAID 5.

That said, backing up your data is never a bad idea when migrating any storage configuration.

I appreciate the information and was hoping to upgrade without having to purchase an external drive to accomodate all of the data, but I can’t afford a bad migration!

Thank you again!

Do you not need an external drive to save a copy if it gets deleted or corupt anyway?

Yes and the rate I’m going I will need several.