What will be seen when MY PASSPORT drive is plugged into another Mac?


I was hoping someone here could help me--  my girlfriend’s borrowed my western digital my passport drive, and i just realized the last time I had the thing plugged in, I was looking at some files buried in some folders that she probably wouldn’t like to know about (don’t make me spell it out).  The last time I used the drive, I actually detatched it without ejecting it, I realized, too.  Now I’m wondering-- she’s plugging it into a completely different Mac.  What will pop up for her when she peeks in the drive?  Will it be the “desktop” for the drive, or will it pop up pointing to the last file I looked at?  It’s formatted in journaled format, I believe. 

If anyone can answer this question, or test it for me I’d really appreciate it. 

Nothing will come up when she connects the drive

when she goes to the drive it will show the files contained within the drive

you are safe :wink:

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Thank you for the reply!  So to be clear:  it won’t open up into the last folder looked at?

lol no dude

you got me wondering now what exactly you were seeing :laughing:

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