What WD Smartware contains and who does it call all the time?

At first I must write that the WD Smartware can be very helpful if you are an invalid or an complete retard :frowning:

But even though, the “retard” RAETIP" tried it out and this is what follows :cry: ,Me and my friends decided to dissect the “WD smartware from the root”.

1: Some people says this might be an “rootkit” My answer is that is not, but it is very close to be.

2: I have heard some people call the WD Smarware “WD malwere” I think this is sad due to the fact that it is not, BUT very close to be one.

3: When we investigated which adresses the WD SMARTWARE was calling to (in ex update etc) we were very surprised.

Not one of the adresses went to WD at all? What do you mean by this WD??

4: When updating the software, which it by some strange reason always must do due to the old preferencies on the disc? It mostly demands a restart of the system? It is very seldom necessary to do these advanced  installation parts only to make an backup software to work. I would really like to hear about WDs declaration about this strange issues?


Since this is a user to user forum I’ll suggest you to contact WD phone support center in order to get assistance. You can do so either by phone or email.

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