What Username and Password?

When Live asks for a username and password to access network shares,  just exactly which username and passwords is it after?  Windows login?  Individual network share files?  Router?  Thanks.

If you have no user name for your shares then just use the default of ‘anonymous’ with a  blank password.

I’m haing trouble connecting to my network shares, too. I would like an answer to the original question - EXACTLY which password is it asking for? Please reply to the question. I have a password for my network shares as I suspect the original poster does as well. I thank you for posting a reply but please recognize that it did not answer the question that was asked.

The name and password it’s asking for is the user name and password you use to log in to Windows on that machine that you’re trying to access.  For machines with several users, and some with a single user, when you first boot up you get to a screen to choose which user you want to log in.  THAT’s the info you want to use, and if you don’t use a password, just leave it (password, not the username) blank.

The ‘anonymous’ given elsewhere will probably work also, but I just use my user name for that machine, and it works fine.  If you still can’t get in, look at the other threads here about login problems, especially with Windows 7 and Windows Live.  I’d suggest starting those threads from the end and working back, because some of the early procedures given were more suited to certified network techs with experience going back to UNIX, but if you’re willing to uninstall Windows Live it’s pretty easy to set up the network shares if you haven’t tinkered with too many settings trying to get it to work already.

In my case, the network shares worked fine when I got the WD, just using my Windows login username and PW; then a Windows Live update came along and destroyed that, but uninstalling Windows Live from control panel got it back.  Not the best fix, but at least it works for now.

Thanks for the information!

Now I have an additional question: my WD Live is recognized (and can be used as a media player using “play to” in WMP12) on my network.  I am running Windows 7, and my network consists of two computers in a workgroup.  That part of the networking, functionality, etc. is working great.  The player hooks into the network with a wireless connection.

However, when I try to access Network Shares via the Live player, the only access point that I am given is the name of my network (let’s call it BusyBoy).   Obvously, each of the computers on the network have different network shares.  Should I not be seeing the computers first on the Live Player?   Would this mean the UserID and Password the Live player seeks would be those for the network?  Thanks.

You should see the list of computers.   

When you select one, it will ask you to “Log In” using whatever credentials you’ve used on that computer’s shares.

Then you’ll be presented with a list of SHARES that that set of credentials was able to access.