What use is the git app, if it is only a client?

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To add to the end of that topic… is that correct? This app is only a git CLIENT? Not a git SERVER?

I can already run git client on every computer I own, why would I bother installing another client on the NAS? What good is that? Or have I misread/misunderstood the purpose of that app?

Hi TheSidewinder, see if the following helps. 


this is what i was thinking…

with one my cloud ex2 and git you should be able to create a git server… not a client…

To serve git repositories (that is use the drive as a Git server), you will
need to enable ssh and serve those repositories that way. Unfortunately the control panel only allows ssh login to one user (which is user name “ssh” that is effectively root) and to enable other users, you will need to modify the ssh daemon’s configuration file on reboot.

I’ve figured this out this and some other hurdles on setting up Git in my S2 and wrote a guide here:


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