What type/style USB 2.0 Cable do I need for a WD My Book Home Edition?

I’m trying to determine the type/style USB 2.0 Cable I need for my WD My Book Home Edition, Model WDH1CS5000E.

I’ve tried to find the specification on WD’s Web Site but cannot find the detailed information I need.

I believe the correct cable has a standard USB 4 Pin type A on one end and a USB 5 Pin Mini (not Micro) on the other. 

Can anyone confirm I’m correct?

If I’m correct, does my unit use a standard cable (A to Mini) or do I need a proprietary cable?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Check out this link http://www.wdc.com/en/products/resources/drivecompatibility/ scroll down and it shows external drive cables. The new drives use the Micro USB and before that it was Mini USB. I’m almost sure they are not a propitiatory cable.


Thanks for your reply Joe.

I previously found this page on WD Web Site. Unfortunately it doesn’t give the details I’m looking for. It would help if the illustrations had more details (dimensions, pins, etc.).

I’m still not sure if my unit requires a Mini or Micro on one end.

I even shopped WD’s Web Site hoping to buy a cable but didn’t see my Model No. listed under the available USB cables.

Very strange indeed!

Thanks again!

This drive uses the  USB cable type A to Mini B (the Mini B is 5 pin).

The link below is the specific cable for your drive:


Many thanks OXTER.

I now have all the information I need.

Thanks again.