What tools can help manage folders and files

hello, I am new with my my cloud home box. I am trying to find tools to manage my folders. I am a windows 10 user
I sync one of my folders with 500 GB. it going slow slow.

network traffic : with task manager I can see 10% network usage at best (when quick ) and a lot of cpu usage.
I would like a better tools to be sure it is sync’ing
storage usage: file explorer is too slow. I would like a tools that give me the usage of any folder.

Can you help ?

Hi @Pierre3 ,

Please refer to the below article to check My Cloud Home Desktop Sync and Computer Slow Performance:

Thanks for your article, I appreciate.
Yes , I am syncing photos which means lot a little files.
no, not doing lot of things. only one sync, anti-virus disabled, no plex or social media sync.

first synch is now done. less than 100GB per day. now I am monitoring continous sync. I have 3 wdsync process eating 60 to 100% of cpu ans a kdd process copying files. this is too much for me. I will change my mind how to use this box. no continuous synch but more as file repository and external tools like robocopy to synch.

Thanks for your help

The subject has been discussed extensively and there are two file systems on the My Cloud Home with speeds that can differ by 100 folds. Perhaps a simple search of this subforum will be helpful: