What to use since Itunes App not available for mobile


Newbie question for sure but I can’t find it in this awesome group. I have my entire iTunes music library on my My Cloud Mirror Gen 2. That’s over 20000 songs. I have over 200GB of just live Grateful Dead. My Cloud app is ineffective with that many songs. I was thinking I can create folders/subfolders and browse that way but still, pretty ineffective. What apps are you all using to replace iTunes app for mobile? Desktop is not a problem because I can launch iTunes and point to the NAS. But I don’t seem to be able to do that on my mobile. Help?


Check out this quality iOS app maker: http://www.stratospherix.com/

I have used their FileBrowser app for years to play movies and music, (just $6) and their newer Music Streamer app ($3) looks perfect for large collections, handles playlists, too. I will likely install Music Streamer myself.

If you install them or either, let me know how you like it.


Thanks for the pointer. I installed MusicStreamer but can’t figure out how to point it to my NAS. I sent a note to their support desk. I’ll keep you updated.


Great, and I installed it, too, a few hours ago!

It works great on my Cloud NAS, and perhaps this link about the product will help, since it is sort of a user guide, that helped me import my group of Playlists directly from their FileBrowser app I said I have installed. If you have pre-fab playlists, having FileBrowser makes it all go smoothly with playlists.

You must have missed the Tour when the app first began. If you see the main screen, there is a settings gear in the upper right, Open it and select music sources. select manual install and you will be in advanced settings where you put in name of your device and its IP address.

Or, if you uninstall the app and re-install, you will see the grand tour info, just tap the X if the choice to install are not showing until you get to manual install where you can add the NAS info.

Agree, it could all have been better explained with a full user manual…Stratospherix support is good, they helped me years ago via email support. They are based in England.


Thanks for hanging in with me. Did you have to set up port forwarding on your NAS? I added the device name and IP address. Socket time out message. So I may be using the wrong IP address. I’m using the address. And in the big picture that probably won’t work since it’s internal network and I want to access the NAS on my iPhone when I’m out and about. You’re also right about Stratospherix support. They wrote me back right away. But maybe you can help also since you got it working? Thanks for your patience with a newbee - I hope to pay it forward eventually.


App is not designed for remote access, although the companion app FileBrowser can be set up for remote access. I never have done this since I have other ways to access remotely (e.g. an app for my Asus router which enables me to access router, and network, and a drive connected to router with media on it.) In addition, I also have a WD My Passport Wireless drive that my iOS devices can access to play the media on it. In fact, I now have two music sources connected to MusicStreamer; my My Cloud network NAS and the wireless drive. Cool.

Although. right now. I am “starting over” to populate the MusicStreamer app. After experimenting with it a while, I have un-installed it and re-installed it, so currently it is re scanning my NAS, after which I will add my wireless drive to the app and scan it again.

BTW, once I started over, I was more patient, and when the app first scanned the network for sources, it found my NAS after a minute or so; in fact ,it found all six devices shared on my network. Easier to set up NAS; no typing in IP or anything.

So, I suggest the same for you: Uninstall and reinstall the app, when it begins, be patient and go through guide for tour, and then have app scan the network for shared devices. It will find them all, including your NAS. You may need to slide list left or right to see it all. BTW, no port forwarding necessary. The less you do, the better!

Good luck getting it running.


Followed your instructions…deleted and reinstalled. It never took me through the guided tour again but I was patient and let the Scan complete. Found my NAS. Connected. And got it working. I have to play around with it a bit more but minimally, it’s working. So thanks.


Excellent. I, too, played with it more today. Played a playlist to Chromecast. Worked most of time but a few time Chromecrap disconnected. Never real impressed with the Google device; too flaky.

Let me know if you still need assist, and have fun with the app; it is quite handy.

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How do i mark it solved? Just change the title? or is there a Solve button?


There is a solved button only the OP can see; I cannot see it. you may need to check a box or something.


@mike27oct I think I solved it. Just trying to figure my way around these parts


Hey friend, most of My Cloud is Dead and Phish :slight_smile: How has your listening experience been on mobile iOS with My Cloud?

I just tried MusicStreamer but it’s not that great so may take some time and build a good iphone app for listening to music collections on My Clouds. Would you be interested?


I see you also responded to this old message of mine, and have also responded to my comment of your new post of today.

If you go to the website of the company that made Music Streamer (link near the top of this thread) you will find some info regarding the operation and features

You need to spend more than a few moments with this. I actually understand how it works and how good the app is. If you feel otherwise, maybe you should create your own app as you’ve mentioned.


Yes I agree it works better than My Clouds native app. I just desire a
remote solution with better UI/UX :slight_smile: I will keep you posted if I build an
iOS solution for this. Thanks for all your input it was very helpful and I
will use MusicStreamer in the meantime when on my NAS’ network