What to look for when buying a 3TB My Cloud from EBay

I am looking at what are described as “new, in the original box, unopened” 3 TB My cloud’s EBay. And it appears I can save a considerable amount of money by going this route as opposed to buying the same box from someplace like Best Buy. I use EBay all the time for various things so I am familiar with how to use that site. My questions are:
Are there different models or releases of a 3 TB My Cloud ?
How might I tell how “old” the My Cloud is that is being offered on EBay ?

I would rather spend more money (at Best Buy) for a “just shipped” version of a My Cloud if there are some advantages.

I’m simply trying to be an informed buyer.

Thanks for any replies.

There are two different versions (or generations) of the My Cloud. Only by giving the complete part number would you know which generation it is.

OKay then. That makes sense. Thanks.

@JustRay Since you have a lot of questions about the WD My Cloud take a look at this link, it should answer virtually any question you have.

You can ask your question in the Knowledge Base too.