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I know that this is most probably the wrong place for this question but not sure where to start.

I want to put all my media in one place and ten be able to play on my main tv or stream to any wifi connected device around the house, ie laptop, ipod touch etc

I am not sure which product to use. I have a smart sony tv as my main tv and i am using virgin tv with their tivo box and wireless router attached to the modem they supply.

This is vague I know but please help, a novice at this. Just to add to this if i have bluetooth speakers around the house can i play to these as well???



PS sorry if there is not enough info but would be pleased to supply any info needed.

Hi and welcome to the WD community. 

You might be interested in the My Net N900 Central or the My Book Live. Both allow you to save all of your files in one location and access them from all of the devices on your network, the biggest difference is that the My Net is also a router and the My Book goes connected to a router. Check the links below for more information.

My Net N900 Overview


My Book Live


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Thanks for your help I’m looking at the my book live, but still not 100 percent sure can you tell me if I connect the my book to the wireless router whether I would be able to watch films on my laptop which I have installed on the hard drive? 

Apologies if this sounds a bit dumb but still getting to grips with what exactly i need? 



Yes, you should be able to access the files in the My Book as a network shared folder or using the My Book Live Media server. Check the following links for more information.

Media server overview/page 112


Opening the public folder/18


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Thanks again for the help I’ve got one further query, if I was to get the n900 how could I then watch movies on the hard drive on the tv, there doesn’t appear to be An hdmi output. Is there an alternative ?

Again sorry if this is an obvious question but really am new to this. 

Thank you for your help. 



You can access theN900 content using a wireless (wifi) or wired connection using an Ethernet cable. To access the N900 content directly from the TV,  your need to have a DLNA certified smart TV. If you don’t have that type of television, you can use a media player like the WDTV live Hub or WDTV Live Streaming to access the N900 content from there. 

Media Players Overview


Something else important is to have more than one copy of all of your important data. Never trust one drive internal or external no matter who makes it.


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