What to do with an empty My Book for Mac

Last year I was upgrading the software on my My Book for Mac and something went wrong and the upgrade quit leaving me with an external HD that no computer can find. When it’s connected to all my computers it never shows up, not on the desketop nor on the Disk Utility. I assume everything is gone on the HD, which is ok because everything was backed up. But is there any way to reinstall software onto the HD so I can use it again? It would be nice to have another HD to use as a back up. I don’t see how, though, since it’s like the HD doesn’t exist when it’s connected to a computer.



If the drive is not seen not much we can do

try a different cable or different computer

chances are the drive still can be replaced under warranty

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Yea, that’s pretty much what I thought. I’ve tried it on several computers and the same thing happens. I never should have tried to upgrade it, it was working fine but I kept getting a window that said there was a newer version so one time I gave in and clicked on the upgrade button. Well, that was dumb, it ran the upgrade for a bit then I got a message that the upgrade had failed and I was left with a blank disk, no OS, drivers, whatever you call the software on a hard drive. I wasn’t so worried about the data since it was all backed up anyway, I was just annoyed that WD had destroyed a perfectly good working hard drive. It seems like if I could just get software installed back on it it would work, but I don’t know how. I’ve since moved on and have other HDs but I’ve put off throwing this one out cause I thought I might be able to fix it. Guess not?

As a last resort you can try connecting to a Windows PC and running the firmware update there

some users have been able to fix it that way