What to do to increase transfer speed?

Hi guys,

I have the fallowing scenario at my home network

Router: Asus RT-AC68U (gigabite)

EX2 - wired to router

EX2backup - wired to router

laptop (old Acer aspire 5738z)- Wifi 2.4ghz

Samsung S4 - wifi 2.4ghz/5Ghz

When i trasfer a file Nas<->Nas or Nas<->laptop or Nas->laptop->Nas and all the devices are wired, the transfer speed is 30-45 MBs

when i transfer a file Nas<->Laptop or Nas->laptop->Nas and the laptop is on WIFI, the transfer speed is 2MBs at max.

still 2mbs with Nas -> S4 on 2.4Ghz

I don’t have any port forwarding, dont even know if that helps within the LAN. What should i do to increase the speed ?

Hello adicrst, what wireless protocol is the laptop using? Depending on the wireless protocol the wireless speed can change a lot. 

My wifi adaptor seems to be 802.11b/g/draft N.
However i just tried with another laptop that uses N and i could get up to 7MBs. On my acer at another atempt it seems to have gone up to 6MBs.

I just pulled everything off and then back onto my ex2 yesterday. Over WiFi (5ghz) I was lucky to get 8Mbps. It said 40 hours. I plugged in my laptop to my router (Asus nt-56u) and I was getting 800+ Mbps.

It’s the WiFi that is your bottleneck. If you can plug into a wired connection for large file transfers the wd can take it as fast as your router will allow it.

So it seems that even on N the limit it’s <10MBs.

I’m wondering if someone tested it on AC and got better results.

On wire i get 40-60MBs and i think it’s my laptop’s limitation, because the router can handle alot more.

Also, distance from the router will also make a difference, wirelessly.  If you have to get close to pick up the transfer rate, you might as well wire it for major transfers.

I’ve had mine on a gigabit switch and I can’t break a 10MB average even on large files. Occasionally it peeks at 17 MB.  My advice is to do what I and many others here have done and replace it with a different brand.

@Bill_S: i am positioned right next to the router. It’'s set for minimum interfirance with neighbor wifi’s, router has beam forming technology. I updated the laptop’s driver. Now i get 9,5MBs read but still can’t break 10. Write is half the speed.

@kevrone: what transfer speeds do you get with other brands ?


Just for clarification, are we all talking the same units…  M B ps or M b ps???

Hi sktn77a

It’s MBs

Hi guys,

I found a way to improve my Wifi troughput up to 18,5 MBs.

I 've read this article http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/wireless/wireless-basics/30664-5-ways-to-fix-slow-80211n-speed and helped alot !

In my case, my WIFI status was 65Mbs and after i selected only 40Mhz it increased to 150Mbs.

So this increased my trouhput from 9,5MBs copy to 18,5 Mbs !!

megabits 144
megabytes 18

So this mean i work at almost full WIFI speed 18MBs=144Mbs !!

Keep in mind that 40Mhz will loose the power with the distance, so twik the router settings as it best fits you. In my case, Only AES encryption and only N mode didn’t help in troughput.

PS: wifi speed not the same as troughput ( troughput = copy speed of a file)

So i realy hope this post helped you guys !!