What to do? Storage > Volume Status > DataVolume = Failed!

A few days ago I accidentally turned my NAS off at the mains while it was up and running, though to the best of my knowledge it wasn’t in the middle of disk activity.  Realising my mistake, I immediately switched it back on (ie. within several seconds of switching it off).  However, I now have the following error, and none of my data or the volumes they were on is available over the network:

Advanced Mode > Storage tab > Volume Status:

   DataVolume - Span - unknown - unknown - Failed

Advanced Mode > Storage tab > Disk Management:

   HDD 1 - DataVolume - 931.51 - GBWDC WD10EARS-00M - Good

The NAS still broadcasts its presence on the LAN, and I can log in to the settings manager without issue.

Fortunately, there was nothing there that isn’t backed up at least once elsewhere, but the question still remains - how best to proceed now?  I’d like to make sure the HDD is still suitable for future use, so if there are any built-in diagnostic tests I can run, that’d be great.  Once that’s confirmed, how do I go about beginning from scratch?

Thanks for your time.


If the device is reported as Good you should not be worried.  What happened is that when you turned it off while in use, its data got corrupted.  To start from scratch you can reset it to Factory Defaults.

That is normal to happen when you remove the power while the unit is working. 


I took your advice and performed a Restore Factory Default:

Advanced > System > Restore Configuration > Restore Factory Default

I know the process has completed correctly as my login details have reverted to admin/admin.

However, the original problem persists:

Advanced > Storage tab > Volume Status:

   DataVolume - Span - unknown - unknown - Failed

I even received the failure warning as soon as I logged in for the first time following the restore.  So, it would appear that the suggested process did not help.  What should I try next?


EDIT: I just attempted to create a Folder Share regardless, and got the following warning:

“The system volume is not in normal state. Please check volume status.”

same problem with me before doing factory default how to get the data

If you can “SSH” into the device, then perhaps there’s a data recovery tool you can use to grab your data before it gets clobbered by the reset.  I’m afraid I can’t recommend one, though.

If you can’t SSH in, or if you can but you can’t find a data recovery tool for the MyBook, then you’ll have to do what I did: take out the drive and access it directly.  I plugged mine into my Mac Pro then used Data Rescue 3 for recovery.  I was able to recover almost everything that wasn’t backed up elsewhere.

Be aware that removing the drive and accessing it in this fashion will more than likely void any warranty you have left.  Also, I performed the data recovery exercise _after_ the reset, and was still able to recover the data I wanted.

Good luck.

Dear All

I just got a MyBook Live 2T from 2 days ago

When i open the properties from the sitting

I find the volume status  is Unknown

while it should be Good

Please help me what to do ???



  1. Get in touch directly with WDC tech support, as you’re under warranty.


  1. Start a new thread here on the forums - if you append your question to mine, you’re doing yourself, and those subscribed to this thread already, no favours.

Good luck :slight_smile:


you mean I can take the drive off the NAS and plug it in any pc to access data?

Doesn’ t the pc format the drive at startup?