What the Heck? Media Server no longer works?

Been using the WDTV almost three months now, with no issues.   

Until tonight.

All of the sudden, ALL of my WDTV Lives refuse to connect to my Win7 Media Server.   All get “Invalid User”.  

I can still get to my shares via my Linux box, but not the WDTV.

What the heck HAPPENED???

I’ve reset back to defaults, hit the little button, etc.   Nothin’.

Peeved!  :angry:

Microsoft DID send two updates down, but who knows???

I don’t know how WE are going to help YOU, Tony, so I can only assume you’re asking if anyone else is having this issue.

My Lives are still working (today, at least :>) but perhaps my machine didn’t update (yet?)  The “invalid user” sure sounds like a login thing, though – I suspect I’d at least try logging in as another user to see if it clears things.

Heh.   It was more of a rant than anything else… :wink:

Here’s a list of all the things I tried that didn’t work (in no particular order)

  • I deleted all the shares and re-added them. (Unshared the re-shared.)
  • I added a password to my admin account and turned on PW protected sharing, and tried those credentials.
  • I erased an entire volume and restored it from a GHOST image from the day before.
  • I set the WDTV back to factory defaults, left in unpowered for 10 minutes, and reconfigured it.
  • I un-installed all the Windows updates that it’d let me remove. 

Ultimately, what got me working was the “Registry Tweak” that’s been discussed ad nauseam.

I’m curious if that registry setting got changed somehow.

For the sake of discussion, here’s what was changed:

HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\everyoneincludesanonymous (changed 0 to 1)
HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanManServer\Parameters\restrictnullsessaccess (changed from 1 to 0)

Reboot.  Voila.

If anyone else is running Win7x64 shares with NO ISSUES (and no prior registry tweaks) wouldn’t mind checking these keys to see if, for whatever reason, those values are already set?

Anywho, I guess I’m back in business, but I hate that I had to muck with the registry…

No registry tweaks for me here in my Win 7x64 and here are the values:

everyoneincludes is 0

restrictnullaccess is 1

So, no, my values haven’t changed and shares are working fine.  What does that mean?  I don’t know, doesn’t really seem like it needs those regedits unless something ELSE is different in your system.

Wow.  This is now x-posted three times…  Sorry… :cry:

At any rate, I restored the registry and the problem returned.

APPARENTLY, my wife somehow installed the WIndows Live ID Assistant (mentioned in OTHER threads.)  I uninstalled THAT and the problem went away.   

The Control Panel’s Add/Remove list said it was installed yesterday, and it only showed up in my wife’s profile’s PROGRAM list.  

mkelley, I’m guessing you do NOT have that installed.   :slight_smile:

Off to go update my other postings…  

Hmmmm, Live Assistant, eh?  Yeah, I’ve seen that problem.

I guess I’ll go look it up and find out what the heck it is (but IMX anything that MS does that “assists” you is inherently evil).

From the Googleage that I’ve done, it appears to be associated with the new Windows Media Player / Streamer that lets you “Play To…” other devices … even on the internet … (a la slingbox, but that’s being too generous) that are also running Windows Live ID’s.    The assistant helps “mate” the two together.    All I can tell is that it does monkey with permissions somehow!

What’s odd, though, is that the WDTV is the only client I tested that was impacted by the change… 

The way I got around all problem with shares on windows 7 was to create and account just for the LIve. I set it up like user: wdtv, pass:wdtv and set the shares it could access and haven’t had to do anything else.

When I tried to get the live to use existing accounts like administrator it caused issues, but giving it its own the problems went away.