What the difference between PCB 2061-701640-807 02PD10 and PCB 2061-701640-807 02PD9?

I have a 1TB 10EARS that just STOPPED working out of the blue and I need to find an identical one to see if it’s the controller that’s the problem because it won’t even read yet there is power to it etc.  I found one, but the PCB says xxxx10 whereas mine says xxxx9.  What’s the main difference and would it cause me any problems if I swapped them over?



Try to contact fzabkar, he is you best bet.

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I don’t know what the additional numbers mean, but I suspect that the boards are compatible. That said, a straight board swap has a very low chance of success because each board stores unique, drive specific “adaptive” data in flash memory, either in a discrete 8-pin chip at location U12, or within the Marvell MCU (big “M”). These data would need to be transferred to the donor PCB.

BTW, if your drive powers up, then it is unlikely to be a board fault. Instead the problem is most likely an internal one.

If you install the drive’s PM2 jumper (Power Up In Standby), does the drive appear in BIOS (the model number may be blank)? If so, then this proves that the board is basically OK, and it also confirms that SATA communications are OK.

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