What should I get?

The MyCloud I have is losing external support. I use it for photos and documents. I’ve just moved into a new home with an unfinished basement. I don’t have a place to keep my CDs, DVDs, etc. I’d like upgrade my digital media. I want to put them in accessible storage. I have Gig internet and have 1GB wired in the house. I’m thinking around 18 TB should be sufficient storage. Which device do you folks recommend and why? Can it reliably stream externally? I’d love to be able to access all of my music/video from anywhere.


The 920+ is a solid choice. The 420+ might save a few bucks; being only dual core as opposed to quad core.

(This presumes you want a 4-bay device. . . as opposed to a 2 bay device with larger drives)

The real question for internet streaming is your ISP upload bandwidth. For me, being in the US, and being CHEAP; I only have 25MP down and 5MB up. I have found streaming movies (2K content; not 4K) to be nearly impossible with that limit. File transfers are ok. . . . streaming music or a youtube video. . .fine. . . .but a movie- - -no dice.

To get 10 or 20 upload speed I have to jump to 100mb or 200 mb download speed - - → at double or triple the internet cost. NOPE. don’t need it that bad :wink:

In terms of the machine. . . .depends what you mean by streaming. The celeron brains in the 420+ should be fine as long as you are not trying to transcode on the fly. (or streaming to multiple devices at once). Heck; even the WD EX2 Ultra does ok for non-transcoded streaming. It is really the on-the-fly transcoding that drives the processor requirement.