What SharePoint back-up?

My MyBook Live’s Web UI has just told me …

Your safepoint was updated successfully.
Your safepoint NAS on the myshare share on LNS_NAS was updated successfully.

 Only one minir issue.  The target NAS for the SharePoint back-up’s been powered down now for more than two weeks.  :dizzy_face:

Sharepoint?   You mean “Safepoint,” right?   You’ve been hanging around Microsoft too long.  :)

You are probably looking at an old alert. Make sure you click the checkmark box, then clikc the “X” to clear the alert.

Yeah, remotly possible, but I do recall that over the past few days the alert was not there. The exclamation mark is a but difficult to miss as I always click logout when I’m done and the alert icon is to the left of the logout. I would still request to get it checked out.

The Web UI is got a number of bugs with it. The most in-your-face one is being unexpectedly logged out of a session.