What port do I use to allow another NAS to back up its content to my WD My Cloud NAS?

I have a WD My Cloud NAS that I would like to use as the backup NAS drive for music files stored on another NAS (QNAP). The QNAP asks for user name, password and a Port number for the MyCloud…the default provided by the QNAP is “873”. I’ve tried port 873, however I get the following message: “Invalid port number or the service is disabled.”

I know that the NAS to NAS replication works because I’ve used it to backup another share to a different NAS drive.

Any help would be appreciated. Thx.

Try port 80.



Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately “80” didn’t work either.


because it works on another NAS doesnt mean it works on every NAS available out there…


I understand that because NAS to NAS replication works on one drive it may not work on every NAS. However there are common protocols, etc. to faciliate communication across devices, which is why I wanted to point out that the QNAP “end” is working.

After much experimentation I ended up using their “real-time remote replication” settings (Windows Share (CIFS/SMB).