What model of WD for archiving/backup storage?

Reading materials about different colors of disks I cannot find which one is the best for archiving/backup storage.
I want to copy whole contents of my NAS (about 3TB) every 2 weeks. This will be overwriting the full contents every 2 weeks. Should I use green, black, blue or red disk family for this purpose? The disk would be connected to one of the desktop computers with SATA III. After making backup, I plan to disconnect its power cable for 2 weeks to minimize the risk of electric shock or software damage of data.

Hi, it all depends on your need.

WD Green: They are power conscious, meaning that they will draw less power however they are not the fastest drive of the WD internal drives family.

WD Red: These are for NAS devices from 1-8 bays, they draw less power than a regular drive.

WD Black: Is for the performance builds, gamers, etc. Basically for any user that need to have a fast computer.

Now, knowing that, it just depends, I would recommend the Black, as you are going to backup a lot of information you would take advantage of the speed in the black.