What metathumb size for tv and movie posters is perfect

some of my covers are cut off when i go on my wdtv live hub so whats a good size 


200x300 is fine … 270x400 is wrong, should be either 267x400 or 270x405 (to maintain a 2:3 AR)

Your thumbs in your previous post are 133x199 and 142x200 which arent proper 2:3 AR

133x200 & 142x213 is 2:3 and should’nt have any clipping

Keep your thumbnail with a 2:3 Aspect Ratio

Me, personally … i use 300x450 :slight_smile:



i use 240x360 and they look fine

Well since thats your personal choice ill go with 300x450 too and thanks to both of you for the help