What kind of SSD preservation tech is available in the G-Drive Slim SSD?

I’ve just bought the G-Tech G-Drive 1TB Slim SSD and I’m a bit concerned about it slowing down once it becomes filled and has to start deleting old data before it can write new data.

As far as I can see, this drive doesn’t support TRIM and I can’t find any info about what Garbage Collection tech it may or may not have. Also does it have any built in protection against uneven wear of the SSD.

Lastly and unrelated, please could someone let me know if I could use this as an OSX boot drive?

Thanks so much for your help.

The MAC OS doesn’t support TRIM on 3rd party SSDs by default. Our device will support it but as an external its mostly pointless.

It is not meant to be used as a boot volume, it is meant for high speed transfer and to be used as a working device for the on-the-go photographer, video editor or sound engineer, etc.

Thanks for your help Rydia.

So if TRIM is pointless, what safeguards does this SSD come with to stop it slowing down once all of its pages have been written to and what safe guards does it have to level out its wear?

Lastly, could you elaborate more on why it is not meant to be used as a boot drive? Is it because it is not suitable and if so why not?

Thanks again and I apologise if this is not something I should be worried about in 2018… I’m new to SSDs

They don’t have to worry about that type of cleanup and wear that was part of the technology in the early days of its existence. It is much more pliable than in the past and in most cases a modern SSD will outlive a rotational drive even if you write massive amounts of data to it on a daily basis. There are many wear-leveling tweaks in drives.

You can enable TRIM if you wish, it just isn’t built into a Mac for anything other than their built in SSDs. Enabling TRIM on a Mac (external link)

The reason I mention not booting from it just isn’t part of our general test base for our product line. These are products meant for media and production industry in most cases. You can boot from them just fine if you wish but we don’t walk through the process.

This is brilliant, thanks for your help Rydia!