What kind of product do we need?

I represent a small design and architecture study, which main job is assisted design with CAD.
We have eight computers connected to Internet through a switch. We don’t work in a LAN because of company politicals.
What we need now is access from each computer to a bigger storage, accesible to everyone.
The company does not want a server, so the initial idea is a net hard drive connected to the swith, in order to access it using “MyComputer” icon, as another drive, because we need to modify the CAD files directly in this new storage, from each computer, and not downloading the file to local computer (as in a cloud enviroment should be).
Actually exist different products, with native applications, variety of protocols, clouds, and services that the company don’t need.
It is interesting possibility of mounting a RAID 1 with the big new storago, but all products I have reviewed are similar to NAS with cloud enviroment, which means a slowing down in our work and prevent direct edition of files.
May you inform me about wich kind of product should we buy, with our requierements?
I’m very thankful for your attention. Greetings, wishing all you a good work day.

Without local access most options become complicated, as mapping shares or network discovery may not be possible and data may need to be accessed through a client.

I’d recommend sending an E-mail to WD about this while being very detailed with regards to your needs. I’m sure they’ll be able to provide a good recommendation.

Many thanks for your fast answer. It’s a pleasure to work in this way.
I tried to open a support case using your link, but formulary ask me to write a serial or model number that I don’t have, and without this I can’t go on with the sending. I tried also a random number, but system is very clever :slight_smile:
So, it seems there is no way to open a support case for me!
What can I do?

Thanks again, Trancer. Wish you a nice day.

Hi again.

WD stuff read my post and they took contact with me, so this post can be closed.
Thanks again.

Health & good luck.