What is WD5000AAKS 2.0 REV OR 3.0 And what's the difference?

I’m about to RAID my Hdd’s, My Mobo is X58A-UD3R supports, ICH10R, GSATA2 And GSATA3 Marvell 1982. all of them supports Raid(0)

What is the best option Among the above mentioned that would work at the best performance with RAID 0 Stripe ? Thanks

The Intel ICH10 is the fastest on my X58 UD4P, and also on my P55 board, the 6g Sata run slower, but I only just updated my bios to the latest from F4 to F11 on one and F13 on the other a few days ago, when I tested for speeds it was like 6 months ago.

Spend the time to speed test your system before doing a decent OS install.

I put a simple OS install on a IDE drive, and tried all the sata ports for speed in raid-0, and yeah the ICH10 worked better.